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Selected client projects:

Inventory and payroll system

Created a full inventory and payroll system for a door-to-door sales business that worked with their existing sales app. The new app allowed the company to easily record shipments from the supplier, products checked out to sales representatives, and items sold to customers. Items sold would then be added to the payroll system where base salary, commission and monthly bonuses would be calculated. Once approved the system would email the employee a PDF summarizing their payroll record.

Techstack: Backendless, React, Javascript

Shipping info from tracking API to Purchase Order record

Created middleware to update (an inventory/purchase order tracker) with expected delivery date from the AfterShip API (a shipping tracker). Using Retool, I created a webhook from to receive new purchase orders, add the associated tracking numbers to the AfterShip tracker. Retool was also used to catch the webhooks from AfterShip indicating a change in order status and update the record. Previously this client had been looking up each tracking number daily and updating the record manually, so the new system saved a significant amount of time.

Techstack: Retool, Javascript

Simple app to pull the email addresses of all Hubspot contacts who work for companies associated with a given keyword.

A client was providing direct marketing incentives to certain subgroups of clients. They used Hubspot to track target companies and their associated interests using keywords associated with the companies. However, to send out their marketing email they had to find all companies associated with a given keyword, and then, by hand go through each of the company employees and pull their email addresses. I built a simple app that worked with the Hubspot API to complete this process automatically. Using my app the client now just types in a keyword and is provided a list of all relevant contacts.

Techstack: Python, Streamlit

Automated system to manage product reviewers

I worked with a company that relied on external reviewers to evaluate products and provide feedback and ratings. The process involved manually tracking the list of products and number of reviews requested for each, as well as tracking the list of reviewers and which products they had already evaluated. This manual process became unworkable as the company grew. I created an app using Airtable to track products, reviewers, and reviews. I build a front-end using Streamlit that allowed the reviewers to log in, see reviews they had done and request additional products to review.

Techstack: Airtable, Python, Streamlit

Transition all data, including meetings and notes from various CRMs to Hubspot

I've worked with several companies to transfer their data between different CRMs (Customer relations managers). Tools exist that allow contacts and companies to be transfered easily, but this doesn't include meetings, notes, and other data. I have several Python scripts that allow me to pull all this data and import it into Hubspot.

Techstack: Python, Hubspot API

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