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What can I do for you?

Simple to complex web and desktop apps

From simple apps to keep track of your spending to complex inventory systems, let's talk about what you need. For something customer facing I'll need a figma (or similar) design from you. I can also work with a designer.


I can put one or several webapps together in a webpage for you. A dashboard for internal use or, with your design, an interactive webpage for your customers. I created everything on this webpage myself. I code in Svelte/Javascript, but can also use React.

Integrations between platforms

Do you have customer information in more than one platform (e.g. Mailchimp and Hubspot?) and you need a way to keep the information in sync when changes are made? I can set up a integration for you. Simple integrations can be done through Zapier (and I can show you some tricks) -- and if your needs are more complex I can create a custom integration (assuming the platform has a public API).

Contact me

Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you with my calendar link so we can set up a call to discuss your project. After that I'll write up a statement of work and a quote. Once we agree to that I can get started.

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