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The story of my desk

After a few years of working from home I needed to upgrade my workspace -- in particular, I wanted a standing desk. I got a beautiful one and I was very happy.

my beautiful desk

Well, at least for the first 3 weeks. Then, one day as I was raising the desk, it caught on this small button on the wall.

button on wall

And... tragedy.

broken desk

The glass top shattered into a million pieces. Cleanup took hours. My beautiful desk was ruined.

Or was it?

The mechanism still worked fine, it just needed a new top. I could go to the hardware store and get a piece of wood cut to the right dimensions -- but I didn't want to do that. Looking around I saw our wine rack and thought about the old wine crates we had in the storage room...

wine crate sides being assembled into desk top

After some gluing and sanding and varnishing (plus adding supports using the uglier pieces of wood) I had a new desktop.

finished product

It turned out better than I expected!

closeup from side closeup of desk

And here it is -- my new workstation:

My new work area